Though it generally takes less than 10 minutes to get to Tullamarine Airport, we would recommend you allow 30 minutes extra time to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, and ensure you are at the terminal with plenty of time to spare.
We drop you off and pick you up and in the same location, which is downstairs in the hotel and off-airport zone. It is a requirement by Melbourne Airport Corporation that we only use this area.
We are not permitted to drop off or pick up from Terminal 4. However, it is only a few minutes walk form where we drop you, which will be outside of either terminal 1 or 2 in the Hotel and off-airport zone.
All you need to do is call us and let us know that you are ready for pick up. Before you call, please ensure you have collected all your luggage you are in the Hotel and off-airport zone (where you were dropped off). Most of the time there will already be a bus on the way to pick someone up or drop someone off, though if this is not the case, we need to send buses from the carpark. In this case, it should generally take no longer to pick you up than it did to drop you off to the airport.
If you are booking directly with us, we take all payments upon your return so there’s no need to worry about payment on the day of your departure. You can pay with cash or card, though we do not currently accept AMEX.
We do not charge cancellation fees of any kind if you are not able to make your initial booking when you book directly with us.
If you are coming back on a different day than you initially communicated to us, please let us know as soon as you can so that we can have your car ready for you promptly upon your return.
There are no additional fees for this when you book directly with us. We ensure you only pay for the dates you stay, and prefer to take payment on your return to ensure this is the case. Simply get in touch with us and provide us with reasonable notice that your details have changed, and we will make the adjustments to your booking without charge.
We are permitted to take anything up to 1.8 metres on the buses, provided it is stowed away in the rear luggage cage of the bus. Please be aware that some surfboards and bikes will not be permitted due to these restrictions. As a general rule, if it fits in the back, we can take it on the bus.
We accept all standard and large cars including, utes, SUVs, 4WDs, and mini buses (up to 12 seats). We do not accept small or large trucks, caravans, trailers or any vehicle longer than 5.4 metres, as our car park is not designed to house these types vehicles.
To ensure we can keep the cost of parking low for all our customers, we only offer outdoor parking.
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Jetaway Airport Parking is an outdoor carparking and shuttle service that has been operating since 2013 from our location in Tullamarine. We offer value for short and long term airport parking.

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Due To Constant Border Closures And Travel Restrictions, Please Note Our Buses Only Run Until The Last Pick Up Each Evening.

It Is Important That Customers Notify Us Of Any Changes Of Return Date And Time.

Surveillance Of The Carpark Is 24 Hours, However Our Shuttle Buses Run Until The Last Notified Pick Up Has Been Completed.

Our Office Opens Each Morning At 4.00 Am.